Seattle HappyFeet was founded in 2008 as a way for the owners to connect with the youth and local community. After spending time working for this franchise and other HappyFeet locations around the country, Kevin Becks and his wife Alyssa Plummer purchased the franchise in 2018. They had the vision of creating a company that leads by example: one that supports the community, its coaches, and its HappyFeeters to become the leaders of tomorrow. And, we are proud to say, we are doing just that!

Since 2018, Seattle HappyFeet has grown to include multiple full time and part time coaches. You can find us working in schools, local parks and community centers, and at fields for our larger weekend leagues. It’s important for us to build and provide a culture that supports what we teach in our classes and allows us to set an example for our HappyFeeters. We focus our culture and philosophy on five main pillars: Integrity, Diversity & Inclusion, Community, Growth, & Fun!