Kevin Becks

Co-Owner/Director of Coaching

     Kevin and his wife Alyssa purchased Seattle HappyFeet in July of 2018. He has worked with several different HappyFeet franchises including Southern Illinois, Indianapolis, and Seattle (2014-2015) as a coach and Director of Coaching. He most recently was the Physical Education teacher at Children’s Learning Adventure in Carmel, IN.


     He is very excited to be working for HappyFeet again. Him and his wife look forward to making their mark on the franchise and being a positive influence in Seattle’s childrens' lives. Kevin believes that HappyFeet can not only introduce soccer to your little one but help them develop their gross motor and social skills. He enjoys watching your little ones come out of their shells and grow as a person.


     Kevin and his wife moved back to Seattle in July 2018 with their then two year old daughter, Bobbi. They enjoy exploring what the city has to offer and spending time out doors with their little one. Along with family time, Kevin enjoys watching any and all sports. Especially soccer (Go Sounders!), baseball (Go Cardinals!) and basketball (Go Lebron James!).

Alyssa Plummer

Co-Owner/Director of Operations

     Alyssa has been part of HappyFeet since July 2018, however, she has been hearing and seeing the great benefits of the company for many years as her husband, Kevin, has worked with various cities. Alyssa’s background is in Hospitality Management, with her most recent roles being a General Manager and Area Director of Sales. Her expertise has allowed her to transition to managing the back of house operations for Seattle HappyFeet. Her main focus is to help develop and retain coaches for both the weekly classes and leagues, as well as, grow the organization to reach more children.


    She has seen the positive effects HappyFeet has on kids throughout the years and is very excited to finally be part of it. She enjoys hearing how kids look forward to HappyFeet every day and how it allows them to grow their self esteem and social skills with other kids that play. Being a shy kid when she was younger, she is happy to be part of a company that focuses on helping kids break out of their shells and be the best they can be.


    In her free time, she enjoys spending as much time as she can with her daughter, Bobbi and husband, Kevin. She enjoys going to various parks and beaches with Bobbi and enjoying the great weather that Seattle has to offer.

Coach Jason

Director of Leagues

    Jason is a Seattle HappyFeet Coach and our Director of Leagues. He was born and raised in the Seattle Area, graduating from Marysville Pilchuck Highschool and Whatcom Community College. He has been playing soccer for 15 years, starting when he was 5 years old (although he wishes he could have started younger). He currently plays in a coed soccer league in Everett. Prior to coaching at Seattle HappyFeet, he was a YMCA Swim Instructor/Life Guard and Security Officer.

    Jason feels strongly that soccer in America can be improved and enjoys working for a company that introduces the game at such at early age. He appreciates that it is more than a soccer class but a fun activity that can teach basic motor skills and can get a child to go out and run around. His favorite part of working with the little ones is seeing their development and how much they grow during their time with him. He enjoys making a positive impact on their lives.

    When he isn’t coaching he can be found watching soccer! He loves watching the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and of course MLS. Go Sounders! He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, as well as, cooking, outdoor activities or playing a pick up game at a nearby park.

Coach Ryan

Sales Manager

    Ryan is a Seattle HappyFeet Coach and Sales Manager. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where he was homeschooled through high school and then studied Sociology at Central Texas Community College. He moved to Seattle in 2018 after visiting the city and falling in love with the scenery and Seattle’s unique ability to be so close to the mountains and ocean all at once. He previously worked at HelloFresh when arriving in Washington, which gave him the ability to travel to different parts of the state.

    Ryan has been part of the great sport of soccer since he was 5 when he began his career. He continued to play until he was 18 and then went own to coach U6 and U10 teams while in Texas. He has also spent many hours as a referee from U6-U16 teams. Having been around soccer for so much of his life, he enjoys seeing the HappyFeet program and curriculum integrated at such a young age. It is always amazing and a joy to watch how much their abilities progress and grow in such a short period of time. He enjoys working for Seattle HappyFeet, because he feels that it is a company that truly values their employees and their connection to the community around them.

    When Ryan isn’t coaching, he enjoys exploring new places and trying new things, especially food! He enjoys cooking, hiking and spending times with friends. Interesting fact: Ryan has competed and come in 2nd in two pie eating contests! He really loves pie!

Coach Sam

Social Media Manager

    Samantha Netz is a Seattle HappyFeet Coach and Social Media Manager. She was born and raised in North Seattle graduating from University of Washington – Bothell with a Bachelor of Arts in American and Ethnic Studies. During her college career she spent many hours interning and volunteering for Washington Kids in Transition in Edmonds, helping them provide resources for area homeless youth. She has been playing soccer for over 20 years, starting at a young age and still playing in indoor leagues today! Most recently Sam was a Career Navigator with Job Corps where she helped students enroll in school and develop a foundation for their future careers.


    Sam enjoys coaching the little ones and being active. She believes that is a positive experience for each child and allows them to not only develop soccer skills but also build their creative skills through the fun characters and stories. Her favorite part of course is watching each little one grow their skills and develop more and more confidence!


    When Sam isn’t coaching, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and kitty watching movies, football and playing video games. Her favorite thing to do is going to Disneyland and enjoying all things Disney!

Coach Raiza

Community Outreach Manager

    Raiza is a Seattle HappyFeet Coach and our Community Outreach manager. She was born and raised in San Jose, California and will always consider herself a Californian at heart no matter where she lives! She graduated from Oregon State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and another Bachelor of Science in Health and Family and Consumer Science Education. Through her collegiate education, Raiza developed a passion for cultivating holistic wellness in herself and others and enjoys spreading her motivation wherever she goes.

    Raiza started playing soccer at 5 years old and quickly fell in love with the sport! She cherishes all of the memories she made during the 10+ years of playing soccer and is grateful to be facilitating a positive, active experience for all of the children involved with Seattle HappyFeet. She strongly believes that everyone, especially children, deserve the opportunity and environment that optimizes their human potential. She enjoys teaching children self-love practices, effective communication techniques, coping mechanisms, and helping them develop their soccer skills! She also has experience playing lacrosse, volleyball, and basketball.

    When Raiza isn't coaching, she enjoys hiking, cooking, baking, playing pick-up games, reading, and making art. Her favorite form of art is currently ceramics and painting!

Coach Nate

  Coach Nate is a Seattle HappyFeet Coach and is also working to develop our Future Legends Program. Nate was born and raised in Minnesota before attending college at Vanguard University in Southern California, where he received a B.A. in Sociology and played on the Men's Soccer Team. He began playing soccer at the age of six and is grateful for the connections he has made as a result. His favorite memories almost always include a soccer ball and laughter!

    Coach Nate enjoys refereeing, playing and coaching the game of soccer. He is passionate about the game and believes the sport can help cultivate future generations of Brave, Creative, Leaders on and off the field. He hopes to elevate the culture of youth soccer in Seattle area and bring a pure, well-rounded coaching style to players starting at a young age. He hopes to develop versatile players, but more importantly, instill a postiive, can-do attitude in children that they carry with them throughout their life. His favorite part about coaching for HappyFeet is being able to utilize the game of soccer as a tool to teach children valuable life skills while improving thier physical well-being and the most rewarding aspect of it all is the joy the sport brings to everyone!

    When Coach Nate isn't coaching or playing soccer, he enjoys exploring our beautiful state, biking and creating videos. 

Coach Alicia

    Alicia Moore has been with Seattle HappyFeet since November 2017. She is a native Seattleite having graduated from Shorewood High School. She continued her education at Shoreline Community College and Edmonds Community college, studying Early Childhood Education. She most recently went back to school for her Medical Assisting Certificate. She has spent the last several years working in various childcare centers.


    Alicia likes getting to make a positive impact on all the little ones she coaches in her HappyFeet classes. She enjoys seeing the kids learn and develop. The expression on their faces when they accomplish a move and the joy it brings them is her favorite part of every day. She participated in multiple sports growing up and appreciates all the many benefits HappyFeet brings to the kids.


    When Alicia isn’t coaching classes she enjoys spending time with her family as a loving wife and mother. She enjoys being outdoors and camping in the summer, as well as, watching Seahawks games with her family and friends.

Coach Sydney

Operations Intern

    Sydney has worked as a Weekend League Coach since she was 16 and is excited to expand her role by coaching in preschools and interning  with HappyFeet this summer. Born and raised in Seattle, she fell in love with the game of soccer when she was five years old. Throughout her life she has always been on the soccer field, and even now as she works towards her bachelor’s degree in International Studies at the University of Washington, she plays intramural and pick-up soccer frequently.

    While soccer has always been Sydney’s sport, starting in September 2013, she played Unified Basketball at Ballard High School. Unified Basketball is run by Special Olympics and is a way for students with and without disabilities to play basketball together. In February 2014, she flew to Los Angeles with another student to do an ad campaign for Bank of America where she held the Special Olympics torch with her classmate, Heyiwot. Sydney is passionate about the rights of persons with disabilities and hopes to pursue this following graduation.

    While Sydney has had jobs come and go in various industries, she has always kept coaching  weekends in Ballard because she loves having the opportunity to be a positive influence in kids’ lives and sharing her love of soccer with them. When she isn’t coaching HappyFeet, she loves to cook dinner for her friends and family or plan a new trip somewhere.