2nd Annual Month of Giving!

At Seattle HappyFeet we believe that supporting our community is our true purpose as a company. We, also, believe in leading by example. With that in mind we have started our Seattle HappyFeet Month of Giving! We will focus on four different local organizations that support our community and the children who participate in our classes. Each week we will incorporate giving into our adventures in a similar way that our featured organization provides for our community. Throughout this month, we hope to instill a community heart into our HappyFeeters and provide our families a stepping stool into discussing the importance of community at home.

Week 1 will focus on Solid Ground and their work to end poverty and undo racism and other oppressions that are root causes of poverty. In classes we will focus on Caring is Sharing. Our classes will incorporate planting food in a garden and then sharing that food with others.

Week 2 will focus on Bike Works and their work to promote the bicycle as a vehicle for change to empower youth and build resilient communities. In classes we will focus on Empowerment. We will build our own bike and use it to explore new places and see new things. If it breaks, we will work together to repair it.

Week 3 will focus on Washington Kids in Transition and their work to provide basic needs to homeless children so that they can live life without worrying about where they will seleep or what they will eat. In classes we will focus on Food as a Blessing. We will talk about and gather our favorite foods and help hand out that food to friends who may not have had it before. We will talk about how our favorite things, like 'Bob,' is a blessing and should be shared. 

Week 4 will focus on Art with Heart and their work to use the power of art to help kids in trauma and/or adversity find peace. In classes we will focus on Emotion Recognition. We will make art in our adventures, while talking about how our feelings are expressed in our actions. We may run with anger or skip with joy!

Week 5 will focus on Seattle HappyFeet's Play it Forward Initiative and its goal of providing inlusive, adaptive, and all-ability soocer programming to youth who otherwise would not have the opportunity to practipate in an organized sport. In classes we will focus on Spreading Joy. We will use Bob to discuss how happy he makes and how much fun we have in HappyFeet, and in turn how much more joy we would have sharing that with others!