HappyFeet and Montessori Education

HappyFeet's approach to developing gross motor skills, creativity, and a positive self-concept, aligns with Maria Montessori's method of education by emplowering each child's initiative through play. Our curriculum and adventures facilitate learning through exploration, manipulation, order, repetition, abstraction, and effective communication.

"Play is the work of the child." - Maria Montessori

Montessori Concept: Discovery HappyFeeet Curriculum

We facilitate discovery by:

  • Asking essential questions during our sessions about our Big Idea of the month to engage critical thinking skills
    • E.g. "What does 'fair treatment' look like?" when talking about inclusivity
  • Priming and leading students through self-directed processes for problem-solving throughout our adventure
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Montessori Concept: Child-Centered HappyFeeet Curriculum

We promote child-centered learning and repect for the child by:

  • Communicating to each child as seperate and unique individuals
  • Adapting every session based on obervations from the previous class and needs of each child
  • Quarterly progress tracking for each HappyFeeter so we can prepare the environment of future sessions accordingly
  • Coaches serve as a guide during the session, instead of an instructor

Montessori Concept: Freedom of Choice HappyFeeet Curriculum

We provide freedom of choice by:

  • Allowing children to choose were they go on our adentures and how they want to participate during each session
  • Instilling a self-regulation discipline style 
  • Presenting various options within the clear expectation of safety for every HappyFeeter
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Montessori Concept: Independence HappyFeeet Curriculum

We develop independence by:

  • Ensuring every child has their own ball at their feet for the whole session which they can manipulate how they desire
  • Allowing adequate physical space for children to move freely during each session
  • Empowering every HappyFeeter with laguage and gross-motor skills that promote self-reliance
  • Preparing sessions with opportunities to practice being courageous and active agents of their own experience

"Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and strength, use it to create."    - Maria Montessori

So what does a HappyFeet Adventure look like?

Our adventure may take our HappyFeeters to the zoo, where they practice freedom of choice and communication by choosing which animals to visit. The coach serves as a guide who promotes the use of imagination, abstract thinking and exploration by promoting opportunities for HappyFeeters to interact with the zoo environment and animals. There is order and repitition throughout the adventure with songs and integration of soccer skills. For example, to open doors to the zoo, students may do the Pull Back which they will continue to use every time they encounter a door during the adventure. Students are empowered to engage in critical thinking skills and communicate with their coach through questioning and dialogue throughout the adventure. The coach may ask the students, "Why do you think monkeys have fur? What kind of food do bears eat?" to engage abstraction. Throughout the entire session, the coach models effective communication skills and provides the scaffolding for a creative, child-centered adventure. 

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