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Our unique approach is designed specifically for the rapidly growing imagination of preschoolers. We use familiar songs, stories, and games to take children as young as 2 years old on fun and exciting adventures with thier soccer ball, "Bob." Our progressive and education based curriculum not only helps develop each child's soccer and gross-motor skills, but also promotes language skills, creativity and imagination, social skills, emotional skills, and most importantly self-confidence to help our HappyFeeters become Brave Creative Leaders. 

Each week our highly trained coaches take our HappyFeeters on adventures with "Bob" to places such as the zoo, an enchanted castle, candy land and more! Our year round program focuses on a different Move and Big Idea each month to ensure each child continues to have fun, learn new things, and is challenged.

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein

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Move of the Month

Each month our coaches focus their adventures and games on a new soccer move. Each move is broken down to the most basic steps for even our youngest HappyFeeters to learn. As they grow and progress we add addtional steps to the move, use the move in different ways, or begin to combine moves together. For example, one month may be the Cruyff, where our youngest players work on turning their foot in using balance, they will then begin to progress to pulling "Bob" behind them, to adding turning and change of direction, to finally perfoming the Cruyff turn seamlessly into dribbling. 

"Sport is an essential element of education." -George A. Sheehan

Big Idea of the Month

Each month our adventures focus on a new Big Idea of the Month. Our Big Ideas help our HappyFeeters develop Brave Creative Leadership skills. They were designed to build on the Move of the Month, and to seamlessly flow into our adventures. For example, one month may have the Big Idea of Diversity and Inclusion while another month may be Helping Others. This allows our enrichment program to help each child further develop more than gross-motor skills, but also social and emotional skills as they use thier fun and exciting imagination to go to new places!

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"Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning." -Fred Rogers

Progressive Curriculum

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Designed to place your HappyFeeter in thier own imaginative adventure, we use exciting stories, sing songs, and play fun games with their soccer ball. Our aim at this age is to introduce our youngest HappyFeeters to soccer in a fun, comfortable, and loving environment that makes learning new things fun, improves gross-motor skills, and has an amazing impact on their self-confidence and go for it mentality!

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A progression from Little Toes, our Big Toes incorporates age appropriate elements based on the developmental skills of our three year old HappyFeeters. We begin introducing more advanced skills to help your little one continue to develop gross motor skills, as well as, introducing more complex adventures allowing our HappyFeeters to use their imagination even more and further develop their self-confidence.

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As our HappyFeeters grow they become more comfortable with the ball at thier feet, and we begin to introduce more complex skills and deceptive dribbling moves while learning in a fun and non-competitive environment. Your HappyFeeter will begin playing more challenging games designed to maximize balance and coordination, develop their decision making skills, and contine to grow their self-confidence.

"Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more." -Loris Malaguzzi